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Mathematics Potential Lab

Foundational to the work of our research lab
is the belief that
each child,
regardless of disability status, current level of

mathematics achievement and any other factor,

not only deserves access to quality mathematics support necessary

to be successful but also has the potential to make robust gains

in mathematics understanding. 

Did you notice that our lab logo
looks like a fraction? 
Let us know if you'd like a sticker of our logo - we'd love to send you one!

Team photo of 9 members of the Math Potential Lab 2021
Hand holding a square sticker with black background and Math Potential Lab logo

Work of the MPL lab was awarded funding from the
Richard Wallace Faculty Incentive Grant.


MPL Research at CEC 2023

PhD students and MPL members Emily Johns, Lindsey Mirielli, and Shannon Locke, 
along with Dr. Jessica Rodrigues, presented MPL research at the
2023 Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) Conference in Louisville, KY.


CEC_2023_Math Career_Poster.png
CEC Poster2023_Locke-Singell-Rodrigues.png

MPL Research at the MU Undergraduate

Research and Creative Achievements Forum!

Undergraduate MPL members Rachel Johnston, Kailee Rickerson, and Dani Davis presented research posters at the Mizzou Undergraduate Research Forum in April 2022.
Ph.D. student co-authors and research mentors: 
Emily Johns, Shannon Locke, and Lindsey Mirielli


Undergrad Research Posters 2022-18.jpg
dani forum.jpg

Interested in supporting each child's mathematics success

gaining experience working in a research lab?

Please email Dr. Rodrigues to inquire about joining

the Mathematics Potential Lab:

Follow the lab on Twitter!

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